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CORR-EX, LLC provides an anti-corrosion and rust protection product that is a unique water displacing (fresh and salt water), ultra-thin film lubricant with corrosion preventative compounds and is non-hazardous, non-flammable, non-toxic, environmentally safe, and is a cost-effective solution to help prevent the very expensive problem caused by corrosion.

LCP-177 is a proprietary ultra-thin film, non-flammable, water displacing, corrosion preventative compound, and lubricant that provides a safe, cost effective, and an environmentally friendly answer to preventing most of the multi-billion dollar corrosion problems found on most metal surfaces used in mechanical close tolerance slow moving components, electrical and electronic components including wiring connectors as well as avionic equipment, used in humid conditions or exposed to salt air.

LCP-177 contains an extremely long lasting proprietary anti-corrosion inhibitors, which also give superior lubrication coefficients and protect components against moisture, wear, general as well as fretting corrosion, and eliminates surface static electricity, corona and other electro migration problems.

LCP-177 used independently or in an established Corrosion Prevention Maintenance Program is essential to maintaining the integrity of electrical systems, electronics, wire connectors, printed circuit boards and their circuitry, and switches found in all areas of manufacturing and transportation including rail, automotive, aerospace and marine environments as well as avionics in both military and civilian aircraft and aerospace applications.

LCP-177 offers protection of close tolerance machined surfaces during short term storage and transit is another area where corrosion can occur if there is no guarantee of regulated environments.




An Ultra-Thin Film, Lubricant and Corrosion Preventative Compound That Also
Displaces Water

Conforms to Mil DTL-87177B

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