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LCP-177 Case Studies

LCP-177 is a unique proprietary water displacing synthetic lubricant with corrosion prevention compounds that prevents corrosion of metals, including where dissimilar metals may come in contact, and prevents the corrosion of electronic and electrical equipment caused by exposure to both fresh and salt water moisture and to the corrosive vapors from Sulfur dioxide (SO2), Nitrogen dioxide (NO3), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Ammonia (NH3), and Chlorine (CL12) based gases.

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CASE STUDY: A chemical warehouse storing acids and other corrosive materials had continuous problems servicing the lighting system and replacing light bulbs that had pre-maturely failed. One man, with a helper to hold the ladder, had a full time job removing and replacing failed light bulbs which had also corroded into the sockets. The filaments failed as the current resistance through the corroded surfaces increased.

Spraying LCP-177 on the base of the bulb and into the lamp socket solved the pe-mature bulb failure and corrosion problem. Now when light bulbs are changed the bases and the sockets are sprayed with LCP-177, saving the company thousands of dollars per year in reduced maintenance man hour costs as well as the cost of replacing hundreds of bulbs that pre-maturely failed because of corrosion.

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Mild Steel panel exposed to sea spray, on board ship for 6 months.
A :
Coated with an oil based CPC
B : Untreated control section
C : Section treated with LCP-177, demonstrating its superior performance.

It is clear that the use of LCP-177 in regular maintenance procedures can bring financial savings in reduced maintenance and replacement costs and more importantly greater safety.

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A circuit board under a black light that was partially coated with an ultra thin film of LCP-177 .

LCP-177 has a very small amount of a Ultra Violet Tracer added and is used for Quality Assurance and Quality Control in checking areas that require rework or maintenance to insure that the area was coated with LCP-177. Once applied, the UV Tracer has a life for detection of about 6 months. The Ultra Violet Tracer is not a protection against Ultra Violet radiation.



LCP-177 is now available to order. Let us provide corrosion control and prevention solutions for your company.



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