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Company Information

CORR-EX, LLC, is a veteran owned small business specializing in providing proven and cost-effective products and solutions to inhibit corrosion.

At CORR-EX we understand that corrosion is a very expensive problem and one that, in most cases, can be prevented or stopped. While most companies really don’t see or understand what the cost of corrosion is to their bottom line or the effect that just a small amount of corrosion has on the reliability, safety, and performance of their products, corrosion is a very expensive problem. Our products are designed to inhibit corrosion, in its many forms, and thereby saving you, our customers, thousands if not millions of dollars a year in lost revenue and man hour costs in the repair and/or the replacement costs of corroded components or parts.

Please feel free to download or printout any of the information or product literature offered on our web site. We update this site on a regular basis providing the latest application information and customer approvals and have provided a number of links to other web sites as a convenience, that we also update. If you need additional information, or would like to place an order, please contact us using this email form or by phone.

CORR-EX, LLC - Corrosion Prevention And Control

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